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Three Thing Game rides again!

So, it’s that time of year again, Three Thing time.

The last competition was our first entry, we did what most first years do and missed the competition in semester 1 because we thought we weren’t good enough, My advice, which has also been said by James Croft, is to just go for it in the first year because it’s a brilliant experience.

I will also advise a few more things:


1. Maintain backups

This is extremely important, if you don’t have any experience with SVN try and learn it, if not you could use shared cloud storage like Dropbox, it is always vital to have backups when the time comes to it and it’s early in the morning and you’ve been coding for hours, accidents happen and you need to be able to recover from it, This happened to a few people last year and set them back a few hours work, which was awful for them, and their project was looking really good.


2. Keep it simple/Don’t go off course

You should try and get the core of your game as simple as possible, get that functioning well and then maybe if you have time build a little on top of that, but try not to have too many features as this will be more work, have a small amount and make sure they work.


3. Release your game

When it’s all over you should try and release your game to the world, we did and it’s had over 10k downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace, things like that are really good for your CV.


4. Have fun

The atmosphere is a rather crazy and chaotic during the event, but try and keep it light hearted and don’t stress out, there will be a lot of other stuff going on, I remember last time seemingly constant volleys of Nerf darts flying around the room and a faux desk chair canoe down the centre of the room.


So if you are competing, enjoy it and see you there!




Rustbucket: The Last Stand

The drummer is on fire.

Last night I went to see Rustbucket and stayed for a bit of the main act Soldier at The King Billy in Northampton.

The occasion was important because it was actually Rustbucket’s last gig together.

The gig went great, and played some songs I had never heard played live before, one of which is above, It was really interesting seeing and hearing the change in the style of music from the start with “Beer Metal” and its kin which where much more light hearted to these new songs, songs of both era’s where well played by everyone of the musicians.


As I said this was the last Rustbucket gig and at the end it was slightly strange, In the end they chose to end on the song they first played live, the one and only (and much crowd-sought) “Beer Metal”.

The video above is that actual first performance.

I hope that everyone who was involved keep up the awesome!

On a lighter note I discovered that the lead singer/bassist reads my blog, awesome, thanks Pete!

Here’s a shot of the main act of the night “Soldier” who are a band from the 80’s sporting that old fashioned Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden-esque), they where pretty good, sadly I don’t think being stood so close to that PA has done my hearing any good.

"Run too the hills!"


Sorry for the lack of words, think I made up for it with the pictures, Off to see Joe Bonamassa tomorrow so expect another musically themed update in the coming days.

Russ out!

Full Disclosure: The guitarist on the right is my brother =D.

Programming on my Netbook

I have seen a lot of people saying lots of bad things about programming on Netbook, in my experience with my Lenovo S205 I’m constantly astounded, Visual Studio loads quickly, everything i’ve done on it so far has worked like a dream, during Three Thing Game I had the thing running for 24 hours straight, on dual screens, with Visual Studio, Zune, Chrome ( a few tabs) and multiple instances of Inkscape and it handled it like a champ. add to this the maneuverability of a netbook and the thing is a little programming beasty, also the keyboard is a dream to type on, my only niggle is that the screen kinda blasts colours out a bit too much which makes drawing on it a bit of a problem (hence the second screen).


I guess the moral of the story is that It depends highly on the hardware. =D


p.s. this post isn’t directly aimed at Matt’s post, but more as a counter argument from the other side. =)

RunDead Studios

Now the whole RunDead crew are on the blogosphere, it feels right to make a post mention (read: shamelessly plugging) each blog. So here goes,

RunDead Studios is made up of 3 people, Me,  John van Rij and finally Alex Rodgers.

Actively working to dispel the programming in a darkly lit room myth.

RunDead has already embarked upon one project, the previously stated “Shear Carnage” which we are hoping to release onto the Windows Phone Marketplace very soon!

Russ out!

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