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Three Thing Game rides again!

So, it’s that time of year again, Three Thing time.

The last competition was our first entry, we did what most first years do and missed the competition in semester 1 because we thought we weren’t good enough, My advice, which has also been said by James Croft, is to just go for it in the first year because it’s a brilliant experience.

I will also advise a few more things:


1. Maintain backups

This is extremely important, if you don’t have any experience with SVN try and learn it, if not you could use shared cloud storage like Dropbox, it is always vital to have backups when the time comes to it and it’s early in the morning and you’ve been coding for hours, accidents happen and you need to be able to recover from it, This happened to a few people last year and set them back a few hours work, which was awful for them, and their project was looking really good.


2. Keep it simple/Don’t go off course

You should try and get the core of your game as simple as possible, get that functioning well and then maybe if you have time build a little on top of that, but try not to have too many features as this will be more work, have a small amount and make sure they work.


3. Release your game

When it’s all over you should try and release your game to the world, we did and it’s had over 10k downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace, things like that are really good for your CV.


4. Have fun

The atmosphere is a rather crazy and chaotic during the event, but try and keep it light hearted and don’t stress out, there will be a lot of other stuff going on, I remember last time seemingly constant volleys of Nerf darts flying around the room and a faux desk chair canoe down the centre of the room.


So if you are competing, enjoy it and see you there!




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