Batman: Technical Difficulties

So the other day I bought the game Batman: Arkham City, and I was thoroughly looking forward to playing it.

Arkham City

Ordering it was an event in itself, I ordered the physical version of  it from Amazon and not 2 hours later Steam had put the Digital version of it on sale for £5 less than what I had just paid, so I was slightly annoyed as I could not only have bought it for less, but I could have got it much sooner too.

When the game came a few days later I was rather pleased but still somewhat disgruntled by the previous events, so I go to install it, take disc from case, open disc drive, place disc into the drive, close disc drive, disc begins to read, computer blue screens, wait, what?

Yep, every time I inserted any data disc (I know it was just data discs because I have watched plenty of movies and ripped many CD’s and there was no problem) into my PC the computer would blue screen and die. This was annoying as hell, interestingly you could run the setup once it rebooted, but then there is another problem, Arkham City is on two discs, yup, fun times for me.

So after thinking about the problem and little bit of Google searching I determined it was something to do with any software that checks to see if a disc has been inserted into the PC, the problem seems to have been that too many programs where doing this check and the OS wasn’t reacting well to this, and the main culprit I found out was a particularly unhelpful little program called Nero InCD. This came with the driver package for the disc drive and has been on my warhorse of a PC since I built it a few years ago, never really thought/cared too much about it. Thankfully this made it easier to uninstall as it was by no means integral to the system.

Once InCD was removed installation of the Caped Crusaders latest escapade went without a hitch and the game itself is absolutely brilliant and a definite must buy for any fan of its predecessor Arkham Asylum. I suppose there was a benefit to buying the disc version, If I hadn’t I would never of found this issue, so I can suppose be somewhat thankful.

Russ out!


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