Deadlines, deadlines everywhere!

So coming off of the Easter break I found myself in a bit of a bad position, due to some poor scheduling and a terrible work rate I had an awful lot of work to do in not a lot of time, this is also the reason why the blog went quiet.

I’m sure most people will have been in a similar position at some point, keep on putting off that bit of work because “I can’t be bothered” or “I have plenty of time left to do it”  or some similar poor excuse, Yes it’s much easier to spend your time going to the pub, cinema etc but to put it simply going to the pub/cinema/etc isn’t going to have a positive effect on your degree scores or workload, and whats more important.

This is something I still have a problem with, heck, right now I’m putting off revision to write this blog post (somewhat ironic), and the only way I’m going to change is through a significant attitude switch, and I hope that this recent experience is enough to do it.

I did end up getting all of my work done on time, but that wasn’t without over a week of solid work and a weekend of coding like hell, It was not a pleasant experience and I hope not to have to go through it again. I will from now on be trying to change and I will write blog posts on what I’ve found to be the most helpful for me.

Russ out!


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