Joe Bonamassa: Birmingham NIA 31/3/12

So here’s the somewhat belated blog post on the Joe Bonamassa gig.

Joe Bonamassa

We where right up in the nose bleeders! =D

Joe Bonamassa is an American Blues/Rock guitarist and somewhat of a child prodigy, he played with BB King when he was 12 years old. Since entering the music business as a solo act with his first release in 2000 he has recorded 10 Albums, 4 Live albums and 2 Live DVD’s, so he’s been ever so slightly busy.

Anyway, onto the show!

Joe Bonamassa

The show’s started with most of Joe’s newer songs such as “Dustbowl” and it’s kin, then he moved on to more of his greatest hits with songs like “Mountain Time”, “The Ballad of John Henry”, “Stop!”, “Blues Deluxe” and “Just Got Paid”. He also played some of my particular favourites “Django” and “Sloe Gin” which made me very happy.

Joe Bonamassa

All of these songs where breathtaking and technically perfect and the entire band played a great show. Overall it was a good show, but there where a few points in the show where the songs almost melded together, a few that where played in-conjunction sounded far too similar and this almost damaged the effect of the show.

My brother Nick was with me at the show and he is a guitarist and also has experience in EQ’ing many gigs and festivals, from where we sat we could see the audio equipment used during the show, Nick delighted in telling me what most of it did and how it worked and when it would be used. He even got to the point of predicting exactly when the sound guys where going to change the mix, which was really interesting. He being a guitarist I’m sure he enjoyed the show much more than me, seeing someone so technically excellent at playing the guitar is a sight to behold and it is increased when you have yourself experience playing, it’s the same with an discipline, Computer programmers will often look at someone else’s code and marvel at how clean precise and efficient it is, this is very similar.

The performance ended with Joe performing the title track to his latest album “Driving Towards the Daylight” which is also a stellar track and I have  embedded the video below, if anyone has an interest in Blues music and/or guitar playing I suggest you go and see Joe Bonamassa in concert, it is an experience.


One response to “Joe Bonamassa: Birmingham NIA 31/3/12

  • charlottegodley

    I’m generally like that at an instrumental gig (if the musicians are playing my instruments or the ones my friends/family play – I’ll be honest, I discriminate a bit against string players including guitarists :P) – there’s something of a kick to knowing exactly how good the players are and having the background knowledge about it, and being able to talk about it.
    Sounds like a good gig 🙂

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