Rustbucket: The Last Stand

The drummer is on fire.

Last night I went to see Rustbucket and stayed for a bit of the main act Soldier at The King Billy in Northampton.

The occasion was important because it was actually Rustbucket’s last gig together.

The gig went great, and played some songs I had never heard played live before, one of which is above, It was really interesting seeing and hearing the change in the style of music from the start with “Beer Metal” and its kin which where much more light hearted to these new songs, songs of both era’s where well played by everyone of the musicians.


As I said this was the last Rustbucket gig and at the end it was slightly strange, In the end they chose to end on the song they first played live, the one and only (and much crowd-sought) “Beer Metal”.

The video above is that actual first performance.

I hope that everyone who was involved keep up the awesome!

On a lighter note I discovered that the lead singer/bassist reads my blog, awesome, thanks Pete!

Here’s a shot of the main act of the night “Soldier” who are a band from the 80’s sporting that old fashioned Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden-esque), they where pretty good, sadly I don’t think being stood so close to that PA has done my hearing any good.

"Run too the hills!"


Sorry for the lack of words, think I made up for it with the pictures, Off to see Joe Bonamassa tomorrow so expect another musically themed update in the coming days.

Russ out!

Full Disclosure: The guitarist on the right is my brother =D.


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