Programming on my Netbook

I have seen a lot of people saying lots of bad things about programming on Netbook, in my experience with my Lenovo S205 I’m constantly astounded, Visual Studio loads quickly, everything i’ve done on it so far has worked like a dream, during Three Thing Game I had the thing running for 24 hours straight, on dual screens, with Visual Studio, Zune, Chrome ( a few tabs) and multiple instances of Inkscape and it handled it like a champ. add to this the maneuverability of a netbook and the thing is a little programming beasty, also the keyboard is a dream to type on, my only niggle is that the screen kinda blasts colours out a bit too much which makes drawing on it a bit of a problem (hence the second screen).


I guess the moral of the story is that It depends highly on the hardware. =D


p.s. this post isn’t directly aimed at Matt’s post, but more as a counter argument from the other side. =)


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